NG-4 Nitrogen Generator

The NG-4 Nitrogen Generator with a purge/inflation system is ideal for high volume shops. The NG-4 can be porgrammed to purge and inflate tires to the specified PSI up to 9 times. This purge/inflation operates at a range of 0 to 145 PSI. Equipped with 4 hoses that have quick lock air chucks, the technician only needs to attach the hoses once. Then simply set the programmable control panel to the desired number of purge cycles and the specified tire pressure and the unit automatically completes the service. The NG-4 comes standard with an enclosed 60 gallon nitogen storage tank.

Tire Service Equipment is a speciality manufacturer and can produce other nitrogen systems that will fit your needs.

39" L x 41" W x 62" H; 625 lbs shipping weight

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Nitrogen System Brochure
Nitrogen System Operation Manual
NG-4 / 5 Parts & Assy
Nitrogen Basic Flow Pattern
Nitrogen Purge/Inflation Instructions Silver
Nitrogen Handout
Nitrogen Promotional Items Flyer
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